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An alternative model in a vintage car wearing a red cowboy hat and a Sleazy Rider tank top


Sleazy Rider is an independent, alternative clothing brand that embraces the unapologetic and the unconventional. Born out of a love for rock n roll, American biker culture and the wild west, the brand embodies all three to bring you clothing that defies the ordinary. Never following fast fashion trends, we produce vintage-style garments that reflect these timeless influences, creating pieces that are as enduring as the lifestyles they represent.

Founded in 2022, Sleazy Rider was just a one woman band, starting off with a couple of boxes of blank tanks and some screen printing supplies. Since then, the brand has grown rapidly and our aim is to bring together like-minded misfits who share a passion for the open road, freedom of expression, and the pursuit of adventure. Whether you're a biker, a rocker, or a cowboy, Sleazy Rider is for you.