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New Collection: Raising Hell

Take a deep dive into our Raising Hell collection, from initial inspiration and concepts, to photoshoots in the sleaziest dive bars and the dusty Arizona desert. We wanted to take the current staple of Sleazy Rider, our ribbed cotton tank top, and improve every aspect of it. This collection is all for sleazy biker chicks and wild west loving cowgirls.


We took plenty of inspiration from a trip to California, we drove Route 66 across deserts and mountains, taking in everything from eerie abandoned ranches, to the deafening roar of a Harley Davidson outlaw convoy on Sunset Strip. We stumbled across a place called Pioneertown that looked like it was made for a spaghetti western film. These scenes of unadulterated freedom and rugged landscapes left an indelible mark on our creative process.

But we didn’t stop there. We also drew inspiration from our hometown of London and its dimly lit, gritty dive bars. These spots, with their sticky floors, neon lights and heavy rock soundtracks, are the perfect blend of chaos and charm. Just like the sun scorched deserts of California, they both embody a sense of reckless abandonment, and both are best served with a hell-raising rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack.


Coming up with those first creative ideas is always a fun part of creating a collection, putting together moodboards and sketching initial concepts. In this collection we worked on designs that blend biker culture with the wild west - think skeletons on choppers, fierce desert animals and western cowgirls. All finished off with some slogans, chains and a hell load of flames.

Collectible Cards

Sleazy Rider collectible cards

We wanted to give you guys a little something with your orders and so we created some collectible cards, they feature artworks from the collection and a whole load of other badass babes and characters. We intend to release a limited run of collectible cards with the launch of every new collection.


Sleazy Rider tank tops

Receiving samples is always an exciting moment, we’ve been working closely with our suppliers to perfect the fit, feel and look of this collection. We were so impressed with the quality of the garments and how the prints came out. The process is a labour of love, filled with minor tweaks and adjustments to bring you high quality and durable pieces.


To capture the essence of what Raising Hell was inspired by, we took our campaign to the most hell-raising dive bar in London, Slim Jim’s Liquor Store! With 100’s of bras hanging from the ceiling, the smell of whiskey in the air, neon signs and of course some saloon doors, this location was perfect for the main campaign shoot.
📸: Xandru

For our desert scenes, we hit up Arizona. The dusty desert landscapes and backdrops were everything we dreamed of and more! We came across some old rusty trucks and asked a local in the diner if we could borrow their vibrant red Chevy. These series of photos embody the wild spirit of the collection.
📸: Celia Rose

What’s Next?

We were blown away by the response to the collection, it’s super exciting seeing the pieces being worn and loved by you in all corners of the Earth! We encountered plenty of learning curves behind the scenes and we are already well into working on the next collection. Crafting our own garments was a bold step forward but we’re not stopping here, we will be expanding our range outside of the usual women’s tank tops, keep your eyes peeled 👀.

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