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Behind The Brand: What’s New At Sleazy Rider?

Sleazy Rider new logo sketches

We have been super busy here at Sleazy Rider HQ over the last year, working on a complete brand overhaul. We’ve put our foot down on the gas and revamped everything from our products, to our packaging, to our branding. We rolled out these updates alongside the launch of our new collection, Raising Hell.

New Products

Sleazy Rider tank tops

First up, let’s talk tanks. We’ve ditched the old, thin, low quality tank tops and swapped them for a higher quality, more durable, soft ribbed cotton with a new updated classic shape. Each piece is hand distressed and printed with high quality inks that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re tearing up the highway on your chopper or head banging at your local dive bar, these tank tops are your new ride-or-die. They’re also perfect for lounging around the house, we’d even go as far as giving them a 10/10 comfort rating. 

Keep your eyes peeled, because we’ve got more killer garments coming your way!

New Sustainable Packaging

Sleazy Rider sustainable packaging

We know you care about the planet as much as you care about looking cool in your new Sleazy Rider garms, so we’ve scrapped the plastic mail bags and gone full throttle with sustainable materials. We now ship orders in 100% kraft paper mailing bags which are eco-friendly, fully recyclable and compostable. Our garment bags are also fully biodegradable, now you can look good and feel good knowing that you’re doing your part for Mother Earth.

Collectible Cards!

Sleazy Rider collectible cards

We added a ‘lil something extra to sweeten the deal - collectible cards! With every purchase, you’ll get a cute card featuring exclusive artwork hand drawn by us. Collect them all to complete the set. They are on a limited run and once they are gone, they are GONE. So let’s introduce our first two card series: 

  • Black Series 1: A set of badass gals, animals and machines.
  • Western Series 1: Starring gunslingers and other misfits of the wild west.

Looking to the future, each new collection will bring a new series of collectible cards.

New Branding

We’ve polished up our branding, but don’t worry, we’re still as sleazy as we were before. Our new logo is sharper and bolder. We needed an icon to go with it, something that represented our desert biker and wild west roots, and we thought a scorpion would fit both aesthetics.

New Website

Last but not least, with all of these updates happening across the brand, we decided to give our website a refresh to keep up. We don’t have a brick and mortar shop (yet), so our website is effectively our storefront, and it was in desperate need of redecorating! We built it to a clean, minimalist design that is easy to use and allows our products to do the talking. We’ve added a blog where we spill the beer on all things Sleazy Rider and a lookbook for you to feast your eyes on all the badass pictures from our latest campaigns.

So there you have it – Sleazy Rider is better than ever. We’re thrilled to bring you these updates and can’t wait for you to dive in. Thank you for riding with us on this journey, it’s crazy how much the brand has grown and we owe thanks to you guys! So saddle up, grab a drink and enjoy the ride -  it’s only just beginning!